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Past and present in the Hotel

Schöne Aussicht

Located close to the sanctuary of Maria Hilf, the Hollbruck Inn has always been synonymous with warm hospitality for pilgrims and wayfarers.

Hollbruck – Tourism

(from Lienzer news report: September 30th, 1935)

The unequalled beautiful position of Hollbruck village with its wide panorama has encouraged many vacationers to ask for more tourist accommodation opportunities.


With the arrival of the group “Vaterland Buben” which was accommodated at the Bodnerwirt Inn, Hollbruck recorded an increase from 50 summer vacationers to more than 1000 overnight stays. A considerable number compared to the small resident population made up of 80 people.


We had reached Sillian numbers!


The Bodner alpine inn changed its name to Schöne Aussicht and after the renovation and redecoration works, it transformed into a modern hotel dedicated to well being and able to combine tradition and modernity.

For over 100 years the Hotel Schöne Aussicht – for many years known by residents as the Hollbruck Inn – has been the most loved holiday place by hiking fans and winter sports enthusiasts, who come here to practice cross country skiing, explore a pure nature by ski touring, or just enjoy wonderful alpine skiing resorts. In times gone the hotel was a farm, later transformed into a pilgrim inn and then into the hotel.


The Hotel Schöne Aussicht has always been committed to improve, year after year. In low season the structure has always carried out renovation works.


In the 80s the dining room was enlarged and completely renovated and the Schöne Aussicht has become the first wedding resort of the region, also thanks to the exceptional and renowned cuisine of Mrs Bodner.


In 2004 the wellness center was created and in 2005 rooms were partly redecorated. From 2008 and 2010 (always in the low season) the hotel underwent works to improve energetic efficiency and renew the remaining rooms. Larch wood was used for the facade and the balcony, resulting in a wonderful look. Rooms were redecorated with high quality materials, natural wood floors and great attention for alpine style details.

It is no surprise that young and adults love the hotel.


The high quality of the hotel has remained unvaried in all these years, testifying the attention and care the Bodners dedicate to their business.


And the reason behind all this is the great enthusiasm with which the family manages the hotel Schöne Aussicht.


Nowadays the Hotel Schöne Aussicht is renowned for its 3-star comfort and is loved by both residents and guests. There are always special opportunities for celebrations and many vacationers come year after year to spend their holidays in Hollbruck relying on the gentle hospitality of the Bodners.

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