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The ideal destination for hiking fans

Marvelous, uncontaminated Nature, tangy mountain air, lovely temperatures: a landscape to take in and experience to the full…

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pure nature

In addition to hiking and biking itineraries, summer in the high Pustertal offers many opportunities to fully enjoy the region.




Here are a few leisure activities you might enjoy, with links:


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The Karnische



... also known as the Carnic Peace trail (nr 403) follows the contours of the Karnischer Kamm mountain ridge that divides Austria and Italy, starting in the town of Sillian and ending after approximately 150 km (approx. 105 km as the crow flies) in Arnoldstein.


It is broken down into 8-11 daily hikes.


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Hiking in

Tyrolean Gailtal


Discovering Nature on foot - Eastern Tyrol, and specifically the Tyrolean Gailtal, offers countless opportunities for those who like to wander.


Tourists like the easy low valley trails, but hikers also love the more challenging trails along the Karnische Höhenweg, in the Villgraten mountains or even climbing tours in the Dolomites.


Following the countless, well signalled trails you will get all the way up to the Alpine meadows, enjoying amazing Nature views, cottages and snack stations.


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On your motorbike around the Alps:

motorbike tours


Our region is a true excellence for motorbike tours.


Tours with many turns, mountain roads and valleys twisting and turning for kilometres – and all around you indescribable landscapes.


Dear biker, what else could you wish for?


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A paradise for

mountain bike lovers,


For those who love dirt tracks and those who prefer bike paths ...


... For those who love the mountain bike and those who prefer the e-bike:


In our region every biker will find the best!!


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Summer with us...

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