Trails for Winter hikes
and snowshoe tours

Kartitsch in East Tyrol, the village of winter hikes

The first village for winter hikes in Austria

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Back to nature

winter hikes

Enjoy the pure, clean winter air with long walks


Snowy woods, clear air, wide views, you will enjoy the winter magic even more during a winter hike.


Uncontaminated nature: far from crowded ski slopes and trendy ski resorts, you will recharge with fresh energy.

Snow, nature, winter sun

and pure energy


Whether you prefer to hike along the valley in your trekking shoes or to trace your own path with snowshoes, you will live a breathtaking experience which will remain in your memory.


The mountain village of Kartitsch in the Tyrolean Gailtal at 1400 meters above sea level offers perfect conditions for your winter hikes. At such altitude, the view opens up on the Lienzer Dolomites, the Carnic Alps reaching all the way to Italy. Thanks to the relatively high altitude you won’t need to rise much higher.


The position is perfect with respect to the likelihood of snow and the number of sun hours, which is among the highest in Austria. Guided hikes around Kartitsch are available several times per week. In addition, the area around Kartitsch offers 9 certified trails with picnic areas and an astounding atmosphere.

Winter – Breathe


All the trails are controlled and cleaned throughout the winter, so it is quite easy to go hiking on foot or with your snowshoes. You will find many equipped picnic areas and huts where you can stop and rest every now and then.


The best trails are Hollbruck Round Trail, with a breathtaking view that extends from the Lienzer Dolomites to Carinthia and on the other side over the Carnic Alps. Not to forget the Schustertal trail, with fossils of the ice era (large stones). The Innerland trail is very sunny and calm, just like the trail among the meadows that go to St. Oswald; from here you can enjoy a beautiful view on the mountains all around. The trail among the meadows offers a view over all 5 Kartitsch valleys.

The 9 trails

  • Hollbruck round trail
  • Hollbruck valley trail
  • Wiesenweg
  • Weitwanderweg Dorfberg
  • Innerlandweg
  • Schustertal trail
  • Winklertal trail
  • Gailbach round trail
  • Erschbaumertal trail


The village of winter hikes

Hikes with snowshoes: a sport that is old and new alike…


The lone silence of snowy woods in the winter. Your first footprint in fresh snow.


How rewarding it is, to have reached the goal with one’s own resources, be it a distant peak or a nearby hill or one of the many alpine meadow views which you want to cherish for yourself.


Let yourself be charmed by this new touring mode and breathe in the best mountain air. You have more than one good reason for doing so: walking with snowshoes in this lonely winter scenario is a unique experience of being one with Nature.


Discover the best winter views thanks to the help of expert guides (


Winter at the door...

...Adventurers pulls you here